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God’s Employee Of The Month: Pervert And Crook Pastor Ernest Angley

This is one of many other reasons why I am nonreligious: 97-Year-Old Televangelist Sued for Sex Abuse, Harassment, and Coerced Vasectomy. Crooks and perverts!

The telephone conversation was tape-recorded and made available to the Beacon Journal and last year All religious people use Jesus to abuse children, women and men, either sexually or financially.

Angley did not respond to a request to comment.”They NEVER DO! …. instead, they cry… crocodile tears!

The first allegation of sexual misconduct Miller alleges in his lawsuit happened just prior to his wedding. Still a virgin at age 19, he had questions about sex that he wanted answered. He naturally went to Angley.


7 thoughts on “God’s Employee Of The Month: Pervert And Crook Pastor Ernest Angley”

        1. Oh, I feel so bad for the children. It is a trauma that lasts through out lifetime. But I am very pleased to hear that the government of Australia did the right thing: put them all in jail.
          Those are monters that do not deserve to be in a free society.
          Thank you so much for sharing this information, Domenico. I am going to read more about it.


          1. Yes, the religious organization still has problem about it. The Watchtower knew about those cases, but they never reported them to the police because only Jehova is able to resolve all our problems.

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            1. Yes, like Jeebus, I mean Jesus, LOL, (it was on purpose), Alá, Jehova, and all those imaginary friends of theirs.
              They are disgusting, all of them, seriously. I think that the world would be a much better place without religion. Morals and principles? we don’t need religion.
              I think that all those perverts do not report it to the police so they can cover up for their husbands. Many women are at fault too for enabling this horrendous problem
              And the pastors, priests, they all cover up for each other. How disgusting can they be?!


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