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There Is No God Nor Fate

Gods and heavens are juvenile fairy stories for kiddies, not for thinking adults. They are no more real than Santa Claus (and actually I think there’s more evidence for Santa Claus…. somebody puts my presents under the tree!).

3 thoughts on “There Is No God Nor Fate”

  1. I believe in God. I wish you did too…but I understand that is hard for some to do. God fills all the empty aching spaces in my spirit with joy and hope and most of all…LOVE.

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    1. Glad to hear you have joy in your heart given by the God you believe. I also wish that you did not believe in a none existing God. Not believing in any God makes me feel happy, I enjoy ebullience each second of my life and have plenty of REAL LOVE for humanity and every life form on this earth.
      Thank you for participating with your kind comment, Timelesslady.

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