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I Do Not Respect Your Religion

I Do Not Respect Your Religion Dra martha mexuco

Me not respecting those beliefs doesn’t mean I don’t respect your right to hold them, or that I don’t respect you as a person… but I don’t respect your beliefs. And I don’t have to!


8 thoughts on “I Do Not Respect Your Religion”

  1. Holding idiotic, dangerous, anti-human “beliefs” as consequence of irrational cultural holdovers is not to be “respected.”
    Otherwise, you do great work here.


          1. You are right – I did not mention monotheistic or polytheistic religion in my first explosive commentary. I also did not mention, Belinda Carlisle, string theory, or ratiocination. There’s only so much to put into an Internet comment – that’s just the way it goes.
            If you want credible LINKS, you’ll have to pay me for all this research. It takes a lifetime and immense amount of informed reading and writing to establish an entire oeuvre of unchallenged com’-try, and it won’t come cheap for you onlookers and cheap-seaters.
            How about $257.99 for each credible LINK, payable using any form of non fossil-fueled currency?

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